"The United States faces a tense week in China as high-level talks on trade and global hot spots like Iran and North Korea open in the shadow of a blind Chinese activist’s bold escape from house arrest to seek U.S. protection in Beijing.” - Reuters, 4/30/12

We’ve been out of the loop on the blog the past few days, but for good reason as we soaked in all the open government and Gov 2.0 goodness that was TransparencyCamp on Saturday and Sunday.

We will have thoughts and reaction from the weekend in the coming days, but yesterday afternoon (Sunday) after the camp wrapped up we took a few hours to stroll around the sights D.C. has to offer, as the above pictures display. We checked out a few Smithsonians, the Capitol, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial and so on.

And it was awesome. While we and all the others working for a better government continue to push forward, it is nice to unwind for a few hours and admire all that our country has accomplished and stood for through its history; a great cap to a great weekend.

- Spencer

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